True North

  • tisdag / 07 november / 2017
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    Scen G3


Some 20 years ago work on the embassy complex in Berlin began. Each country selected an architect to capture his or her country’s national character. At that time several of these architects were relatively unknown, but today they rank among their land’s leading practitioners. What does Nordic architecture mean for them and how should it be developed to remain relevant?

Pálmar Kristmundsson architect, founder and principal
Pekka Mäki architect, principal
Kim Herforth Nielsen architect, co-founder and principal
Kjetil Trædal Thorsen architect, co-founder and principal
Gert Wingårdh architect, founder and principal


Konferensprogrammet på Nordic Architecture Fair ger dig en möjlighet att diskutera branschens utmaningar och att ta del av kollegernas omvärldsanalys och konkreta erfarenheter.