Exhibit A

  • onsdag / 08 november / 2017
  • 14:00-14:30
  • Scen G2


If a country’s architecture is to flourish it needs a qualified exhibition platform. In Sweden this has long been lacking. ArkDes has experienced several troublesome years while at the same time in Denmark they have been building a new institution at the heart of Copenhagen. How are the Nordic architecture and design centres faring? Listen to four heads of such centres learning from each other.

Tor Inge Hjemdahl director of architecture DogA, Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Oslo
Juulia Kauste director National museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki
Kieran Long director ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design
Nikolaj Sveistrup head of programme DAC, Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen


Konferensprogrammet på Nordic Architecture Fair ger dig en möjlighet att diskutera branschens utmaningar och att ta del av kollegernas omvärldsanalys och konkreta erfarenheter.