Den 16 oktober kl. 13–16

Emerging Architects, Gender and Social Values

There are more women graduating in architecture than men in the Nordic region, a development that is making an impact within the profession. Among other things, the majority of proposals in the “Emerging Architecture Awards” have been designed by female architects in recent years. How does the shift in gender balance affect the profession, and how can one create a dynamic between the older and younger generation of architects?

The new editor of The Architectural Review, Manon Mollard, reflects on architects’ self-image and changes within the profession and how it will affect the future of city planning.

Architecture Track 4 is primarily aimed at architects themselves.


Manon Mollard

Architect and Editor, Architectural Review Magazine

Manon Mallard is a French architect based in London. Since 2018, she is the Editor of Architectural Review, a magazine that covers many aspects of the built environment – landscape, building design, interior design and urbanism – as well as theory of these subjects. Emerging architects, social values and gender issues are focus areas for Manon and the magazine.

Kajsa Crona

Architect and adjunct professor, Sweco Architects

Kajsa Crona is an architect with a strong passion for sustainable architecture. She works at Sweco Architects in Gothenburg as an assignment manager for a great variety of projects, but is also responsible for Sweco´s national marketing of residential housing. Kajsa holds a position as an adjunct professor at Chalmers School of Technology and teaches classes in the bachelor and master program as well as is part of Chalmers’s innovation center for Housing Architecture.

Anna Maria Indrio

Architect and Partner, NORRØN ApS

Anna Maria has many years of experience as partner in C.F. Møller Architects and latest NORRØN, and has participated in numerous projects both at home and abroad, notably major museum residential and commercial buildings, laboratory buildings, hotels, prisons, educational institutions, masterplans and design. Her role in the projects spans from design development to detailed design, acting as partner‐in-­charge. Anna Maria has comprehensive experiences in dealing with a large number of visitors/tourists in planning of new cultural sites such as culture landscapes, museums etc.

Annelie Holm

Associate Director, CallisonRTKL – Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam since 2015, Annelie is working via the virtual office space called skype and facetime with the retail design CallisonRTKL team in London. Since many of our projects are on tight schedules and require on-site meetings, the travel hub of Amsterdam has proven greatly beneficial to our team – the city being well connected by train and flights with the major cities in Europe. Annelie is an Architect with a Masters in Architecture degree (Arkitektexamen) from Chalmers (2005) and has since then been working in London until her move to Amsterdam a few years ago. Her experience in retail architecture spans across historically listed refurbishments to new-built quasi-brutalist buildings to small pop-ups and her way of working is quick and direct - her leadership style is to be compassionately brutally honest.

Andrea Smith

Associate Director, CallisonRTKL – London

Andrea is an interior designer and expert in translating brand identity into the built environment. Her holistic approach has been implemented across retail, hospitality, residential and Build to Rent sectors and provides a thoughtful balance between daily design and long term vision. Andrea creates beautifully crafted interior environments for Nordstrom, anthropologie and SoulCycle.