Den brittiska ambassaden har bjudit in arkitektkontor från Storbritannien, Nederländerna och de nordiska länderna för ett gemensamt panelsamtal om arkitektur och samarbete över gränserna under Nordic Architecture Fair.

Den 15 oktober kl. 14–15
Den 16 oktober kl. 13–14

Kostnadsfritt (Del av det öppna scenprogrammet)

Tisdagen den 15 oktober, 14.00–15.00 | Röda scenen

International Perspectives on Housing – Experiences and Thoughts from the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands

The UK, Sweden and the Netherlands each have their own market dynamics and all face their own challenges when it comes to meeting demand for housing. How do different countries tackle these challenges? Architects from the three countries will discuss issues like: combining affordability and good quality in housing; models for social/affordable housing; densification and land use; how infill-sites can make a positive contribution to an existing area; the role of housing in smart cities and how to incorporate the latest methods and technology to best effect.

The discussion will be in English and will be led by Charlotta Holm Hildebrand, former Head of International Affairs at Architects Sweden



Charlotta Holm Hildebrand

CEO at CHH Planning Group and Former Head of International Affairs at Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden)

Charlotta Holm Hildebrand is a Swedish architect who has influenced the Swedish architectural industry heavily during her years as Head of Industry and International Affairs at Architects Sweden. With a degree from Oxford and nearly 25 years as a practicing architect Charlotta has worked with all kinds of projects ranging from housing to airports for national as well as international clients.

Onsdagen 16 oktober, 13.00–14.00 | Röda scenen

Learning from the life of global practices – UK’s experience of international design work

Grimshaw, Hadid and Foster are three of the biggest names in architecture, and each practice began in London-based studios focussed on the genius of their founders. Now, all three studios have grown to large scale, and their architects design buildings on a global stage at large scale, while maintaining extraordinary ambition in their work. In this session, architects from each of these practices will talk about recent projects, and about how their approach to design relates to the work of their illustrious founders.

The discussion will be in English and will be led by Kieran Long, Director of ArkDes, Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design.



Kieran Long

Director of ArkDes, Sweden's National Centre for Architecture and Design

British journalist and museum curator Kieran Long has been editor-in-chief of the British magazines Architects' Journal and Architectural Review, and architecture critic of the London newspaper Evening Standard. Long has been involved in television and radio programmes for the BBC. He has been head of design, architecture and digital at London's V&A and, as of 18 April 2017, is the Director of ArkDes, Sweden's National Centre for Architecture and Design.

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Under två händelserika dagar sammanstrålar arkitekter, stadsplanerare, fastighetsägare, ingenjörer och byggherrar för att diskutera en av vår tids största frågor.